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Visualize your company’s reporting structure with the Org Chart view in your Qatalog Directory. It gives you a complete view of your company directory, alongside up-to-date information on what teams or individuals are working on, such as key initiatives or quarterly goals.

To get started, go to the Directory, and under "People" select the Org Chart button (tree-structure__2_.png)

Populating or updating your Org Chart

You can bulk update the Org Chart (for admins), update your manager and direct reports in your Qatalog profile settings, or Enterprise customers can connect it to their HR system across Azure, BambooHR, Okta, and Workday. Book a call with the team to learn more about connecting Org Charts to your HR tool.

Profile previews

Click on the name of the person you'd like to learn more about, and you'll see a preview of their role, a short bio, and who they report to.

Org Chart use-cases

Qatalog’s Org Charts have a host of uses. Here are some that we’ve found useful:

  • Team updates: Teams get an instant view of who’s who, what people are working on, and what goals are being tracked.
  • Build custom teams for short-term initiatives, for example, pull together Comms, Events, and Social teams to manage a conference keynote. Create a custom team, plan the project and goals directly in Qatalog.
  • Employee onboarding: give new joiners a complete and clear onboarding experience by letting them explore how different teams intersect, priority initiatives, key goals, and team processes, all within Qatalog.

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