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In order to reap the benefits of Qatalog, it needs to connect to your work applications and tools.

To add a connection, click on the 'Add connection' button on the top right corner of your Qatalog homepage, you will recognize it from the 'plug' icon.

In the pop-up window, you will see a list of available connections if you haven't added any yet, or you will see your current connections and the 'Add' button.

Select the connection you want and click on it, this will open a window with instructions on how to connect, typically you need to log in with your credentials on the selected app.

After you authenticate, your app will be connected, however you will need to click 'Save' to make this connection searchable.


Once you've connected an integration, you will be able to search through its contents using Qatalog.

Private vs. shared connections

There are two different options on how you can add a connection:

  • Private: This is the default and means that only you can search through the connected integration and find the content that you have access to with your credentials.
  • Shared: This option is only available for admins, and allows you to connect an app using your credentials, but letting everyone in your organization search through it. You can find out more about shared connections in this article.

Everything vs. Select items

For both private and shared connections, you can choose whether to connect 'Everything' available in that app, or only 'Select items', these could be files, folders, dashboards, etc.

With 'Select items' you can add more than one connector from one app.

Disconnecting an app

To completely disconnect an app and all of the connections you have from it, go to 'Settings' > 'Connections' > 'Disconnect'. Select the app you wish to disconnect, and confirm it in the pop-up. This will automatically remove any connectors you have from that app.

If instead you want to disconnect say one folder you added from an app, you can click on the plug icon on the top right, or go to 'Settings' > 'My connections', where you will see a list of your connectors. Click on the trash icon next to the oneyou wish to disconnect, and confirm the decision on the pop up window.

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