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Viewing notifications

By default, you will receive notifications in-app when there is activity on Qatalog teams, projects, goals, threads, or workflows you're a part of.

In-app notifications can be found in the lower left-hand corner of your navigation, just hover over your profile photo and you will see a bell icon. When you have a notification, you’ll see a red circle on this icon to alert you that you have new unread notifications.

To change where you see notifications (for instance, to push notifications to Slack and/or email in addition to receiving them in-app), go to your Settings > Notifications.

Activities that produce notifications

You will receive in-app notifications when any of the following occurs:

  • Status updates (value change or written update) to projects or goals you own, collaborate on, or follow,
  • Any time a person, team, or item you own, contribute to, or follow posts,
  • Any time you’re @mentioned in a thread, comment, task or page,
  • Workflow assignments assigned to you, and overdue workflow assignments,
  • Outstanding workflow assignments you’ve assigned to others that are now overdue,
  • New threads started on items you own, collaborate on, or follow, and replies to threads,  
  • When your teammates give you kudos


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