Inviting teammates to Qatalog

Kaitlin Ashley
Kaitlin Ashley

There are multiple ways you can add teammates to your Qatalog work hub:


Dashboard: When you sign in and access your dashboard, you’ll see the option to “Invite” your teammates in the top right corner next to the “Create” button.


Directory > People: Click on the directory icon and you’ll be brought to the People tab of your directory, where you’ll see a bright blue button labeled “Invite people” on the top right corner of your screen.


In a team, project, or goal: Click on the members associated with that team, project, or goal to access a list of all members associated with that team, project, or goal. From there, you can type in the email address of the teammate(s) you’d like to invite to join Qatalog and that specific team, project, or goal.


You must be an admin to revoke user access to your Qatalog work hub. To revoke a teammate's Qatalog access, go to your Settings > People > Disable Individual. Note: you will still be able to access anything an individual has created within your Qatalog after their access has been revoked.

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