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Locating your settings

You can access your settings by clicking on your profile picture (or, if you don’t have a profile picture, your initials) in the bottom of your left side navigation bar.


Elements of settings

Your settings vary based on your role within your Qatalog organization.

Standard members will be able to edit or alter the following in their settings:

  • Notifications, which allows you to control which notifications you receive and by what channel (in-app, email, Slack)
  • Profile, which allows you to edit your profile, sign out across all devices, or request help from Qatalog if you would like to delete your account

Admins can see all of the sections above, plus:

  • Organization, which allows you to change your organization name, organization location, or request to delete your organization
  • Users, where you can disable users or change individual user permissions
  • Integrations, where you can enable, disable and require apps for your entire organization
  • Subscription, where you can change your Qatalog plan/subscription and access past invoices




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