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What are Qatalog workflows?

Workflows is a Qatalog feature that enables you to easily document, share, assign, track, and enforce repeatable processes across your company.


Why should I switch to workflows?

At most organizations, processes live in a document, a spreadsheet, or within someone’s head. This often leads to processes that are out-of-date, needlessly replicated, or lost all together.


We designed workflows to combat these common issues, and ensure the work you put into creating processes is actually realized by people following your processes.


These are just a few ways workflows take your processes to the next level:

  • Easy to update: Unlike a doc or spreadsheet, a workflow is a living, breathing document that’s incredibly easy to update as your processes evolve and change.
  • Visible: Workflows live side-by-side with your team’s projects, directory, goals, and posts with your Qatalog work hub, which helps keep your important processes top-of-mind and easier to access.
  • Owner control: Workflow permissions give the workflow owner full control over who can edit, collaborate on, or view a workflow. Whether you’re administering a company-wide survey, collaborating with a team to create a new public process, or creating a private workflow for your own work, workflows can address it all.
  • Integrations: Qatalog offers a variety of integration steps which enable the creation of a post, channel, board, task, or message to push to an app of your choice directly from a Qatalog workflow. More on workflow steps here.
  • Accountability: Qatalog workflows allow you to assign your workflows to individuals and track their completion, introducing a whole new level of transparency and accountability.
  • Easier change management: Changing behavior to accommodate a new process is often far more difficult than creating that process. Assigning and tracking workflows in Qatalog eliminates a lot of the hassle associated with traditional change management.


When would I use workflows?

We recommend creating a workflow for any repeatable process within your organization.


Here are a few example processes that translate perfectly to workflows:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Submitting a feature request
  • Reporting a bug
  • Company-wide or team surveys
  • Requirements for posting a job listing
  • Preparation for speaking at a conference
  • New tool training or other team trainings
  • Requesting OOO days

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