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About your profile

Your profile page is where your teammates can go to learn more about you personally and professionally. Like a profile in other tools or social media apps, your profile gives you the ability to share more about yourself (upload a picture, provide a bio, tags), your manager, and your team associations. 


Unlike other profile pages, your Qatalog profile also highlights all the (public) work you've done on Qatalog - the projects you're apart of, goals you're working, posts and workflows you've made, and resources that you think are central to your job. This level of visibility into not only who you are but what you're working on and what you're striving toward is what makes profiles so powerful within Qatalog.


Editing your profile

To edit your name, photo, bio, manager, tags, or connected integrations, click the "Edit" button on your profile page.


If you would like to link a new project, goal, post, workflow, or resource to your profile, click "Create" in the upper right corner of your screen.


Note: projects, goals, workflows, and posts that you have made or are a member of will automatically show up in your profile (note: if you have a private project, goal, workflow, or post, you will be able to see it in your profile, but others without access to that hub will not).


Adding a profile picture

To add a profile picture, click the "Edit" button on your profile page, click "Change image", and click upload.


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