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Kaitlin Ashley
Kaitlin Ashley
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Not sure where to get started with Qatalog? Here are a few recommendations based on how you'd like to use your Qatalog work hub.


If you are interested in using Qatalog to organize your own work, try out:

  • Dashboard. Your dashboard allows you to quickly access and get updates on your most important files in one convenient place,
  • Search. Search enables you to search across Qatalog and all of your linked tools and apps from one central place. Remember to link all your apps and tools for the most comprehensive search!
  • Modules and Items. They consolidate and centralize all your organization's activity, resources, and work.


If you are interested in using Qatalog to organize your team or organization's work, check out the features mentioned above and then take these products for a spin:

  • Team hub. Create a team (you probably did this when signing up!), invite your teammates, and encourage them to connect their integrations. Once they’re in Qatalog, you’ll see an updating activity feed of what your teammates are up to on their team page, including activity related to their work.
  • Workflows. Set up workflows to automate, assign, and track the completion of your company’s processes. Qatalog companies love using workflows for new hire onboarding, team certifications, PTO requests, and internal requests.
  • Threads. Threads are updates, announcements, conversations, milestones, or blockers that get posted to a specific individual, team, or item.

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