When does my query count decrease?

Lorena Gallo
Lorena Gallo
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The query counter in Qatalog is designed to let you know how many queries you have left. Here are the scenarios that affect your query count:

  • Successful AI-search: When you receive a response to your question using Ask, the query count decreases by one.
  • Unsuccessful AI-search: If your query doesn't yield a successful response (e.g., we couldn't
    find the answer or the information isn't present in connected tools), the query count remains unchanged.
  • Keyword search: Searching using Find doesn't count towards your limited queries.
  • Clarification questions: If Qatalog asks you to clarify a question and you select one of our options, this doesn’t count as a new query.
  • Follow-up questions: When you ask a follow-up question based on your previous query, we
    consider it part of the original inquiry. As such, the query count remains unaffected.


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