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When searching for information or answers with Qatalog, you have two query options:
AI-powered search or simple keyword search. The choice between these two tabs above the search bar on the homepage - Ask and Find - depends on your specific needs.

Ask: AI-powered search

Selecting Ask will trigger an AI-search query, where Qatalog's advanced algorithms will reference all connected apps, such as Google or Microsoft Calendar. For example, a question like "What is my meeting schedule for this week?" will prompt a response summarizing your meeting schedule, along with relevant sources from connected calendar invites.

Find: Keyword search

Selecting Find will initiate a keyword search, where Qatalog will scour connected tools to find relevant results. Examples of keyword-search queries include "Monthly All-hands" or "Weekly Huddle". In this case, the response would be a list of relevant sources from connected calendar invites.

By offering these two query options, Qatalog lets you quickly and efficiently access the information you need, whether it's through AI-driven insights or simple keyword searches.

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