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Lorena Gallo
Lorena Gallo
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If you're an admin in Qatalog, you have the option of creating public connections, this is helpful, for example, if you have certain folders or applications that work as your company's "single source of truth", and want to make sure everyone can search through them. 

To set up a public connection, go to the top right corner of your Qatalog account and click on the plug icon.

Select the connection you want to add, and authenticate using your credentials.

After you authenticate, you will find the connection screen with different options. All connections are private by default (can only be searched through by you), so you will have to switch from 'Private connection' to 'Shared connection'



Then, you can choose if you want to give everyone in your organization access to 'Everything' in your connection, or just 'Select items'.

For 'Select items', click on the option and then on 'Add item', and paste the link to the file or folder you want to add.

Mak sure to click on 'Save' so your changes will be applied to your organization.

You can add as many files or folders as you like, and this will give everyone in your Qatalog instance access to search through them.

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