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About CSV exports

CSV exports enable Qatalog Admins to export information about their Modules, Features, People, and Teams to a CSV. Qatalog Admins will see the option to export information in Browse views under Import CSV (Browse > Manage > Export).


Who can use CSV exports?

At this time, only Qatalog Admins can use CSV exports to export Qatalog information.


Exporting a CSV

1. Access Exports: First go to the Browse view for the object you wish to export (you can export information related to Modules, People, Teams, and Features like Tasks, Threads, Pages, and Workflows). Once in the Browse view, click Manage > Export. If you cannot see Export, you may not have Admin Qatalog permissions.


2. Confirm the fields for Export: At this time, Qatalog will by default provide all information related to that Browse object (all fields, all records). If you wish to only export a few fields, simply uncheck them before you proceed with the export.


3. Export and access your downloaded CSV. Once you click "Export", Qatalog will start generating your CSV file. This may take a few seconds. When it's completed, you'll see a CSV file in your Downloads.


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