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The Slack Digest is a summary of all the activity from your Qatalog Items into the Slack channels they are connected to, sent weekly on Friday.

It includes information about activity within Items or connected Modules, such as newly created clients for a Clients Module.

These are the updates that will be included in the Slack Digest:

  • New Items
  • Created Pages
  • Published Threads
  • Added Resources
  • Created Workflows
  • Tasks and their statuses (new, completed, updated, turned)
  • Measurements created or updated 

How to Setup Slack Digest

To set up your digest, connect an Item or Module to a Slack channel of your choice. 

Connecting a Module: From your Module settings, click on a Module, and in the Features section add or select "Integrations". Click on Slack, then toggle "Connect a default channel" on, and select the channel you prefer.


Connecting an Item: On the left-hand side you will see the Integrations tab, click "Connect a channel" and see a menu like below. Select a channel from the drop-down, and toggle on "Receive a weekly digest".


The Slack Digest will include updates from all the Items that are connected to a channel.

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