Security and Permission settings

Lorena Gallo
Lorena Gallo
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As an admin, if you to Settings > Security you can customize your organization's security.

Joining an organization

  • By default, any new user with an email matching your domain will be allowed to join our Qatalog, without being invited or accepted. You can turn off this setting by switching on "Restrict authentication".
  • You can also enable the option "Restrict invites" to only allow admins to invite people.

External Sharing

  • By default, Items and Pages can be shared externally with people outside of your organization.
  • If you switch on the "Restrict external sharing", it will not allow anyone in your organization to share anything externally.

Single sign-on

  • Users can join your organization using single sign-on from different places:
    • Email
    • Google
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Okta

Okta client credentials

  • You can allow for Okta single sign-on by entering the following:
    • Okta domain
    • Okta client ID
    • Okta client secret

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