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About Threads

Starting a Thread within an Item is a great way to kick off a discussion, request feedback, or reach a decision. They’re a place to have conversations or ask questions specific to your Item.

You can tag teammates for clarity or to ask them something directly.


Creating a Thread

  • From a Module page, click on the blue + button on the bottom right and select Thread
  • Within an Item that has enabled Threads, go to the Thread tab at the top and click on the + button

Thread Features

  • @mentions. @mention your Qatalog teammates to notify and draw in the right people.
  • Push to Slack. With the Slack integration connection, Thread creation, replies, and resolutions get pushed to related channels so everyone can stay in the loop.
  • Reactions. Get quick takes, launch informal polls, and generally get a pulse on how your audience is feeling about a question, proposed solution, or new idea.
  • Resolutions. Bring clarity to asynchronous dialogue and create a papertrail for decision-making by marking individual comments as a resolution or marking the entire Thread as resolved.
  • Rich-text editor. Apply rich-text formatting, hyperlinking, and embed content to Threads and Thread comments.
  • Thread Types. Select a Thread Type to provide high-level information on the purpose of your Thread. Admins can customize these Thread types in Settings (see more: Threads Settings).

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