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About Workflows

Workflows enable you to easily document, share, assign, track, and enforce repeatable processes across your company.

Creating a Workflow

To create a Workflow:

  • From your Dashboard, click on the blue Create button on the top right and select Workflow
  • Within an Item that has enabled Workflows, go to the Workflows tab at the top and click on the + button

Workflow Privacy

If a Workflow is private, only the people added to it will be able to see it.

If you’ve created a Workflow in an Item, the members of that Item will automatically have access to that Workflow.

Only the owners, admins, and members are able to see the assignments of a Workflow. Other users can see their own started and completed assignments. They are not able to see other people’s.

Assigning Workflows

  • Go into a published Workflow, and click “Assign workflow” (next to “Start workflow”).
  • Search the name(s) of the individuals you’d like to assign to. If that person is not in Qatalog, you can also invite that person to join Qatalog by typing in their email address - they’ll see their Workflow assignment as soon as they join.
  • Select a due date using the calendar icon, or keep it blank if there isn’t a firm deadline. The assignee will be notified close to the due date that they still have an assignment to complete.

When would I use Workflows?

We recommend creating a workflow for any repeatable process within your organization.

Here are a few example processes that translate perfectly to workflows:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Submitting a feature request
  • Reporting a bug
  • Company-wide or team surveys
  • Requirements for posting a job listing
  • Preparation for speaking at a conference
  • New tool training or other team training
  • Requesting OOO days

Once you have created your workflow, there’s a chance you’ll want to assign it to individuals on your team to complete.


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