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About Tasks

Tasks enable you to sort out what has to get done and who’s going to do it. With Tasks, you can set due dates, create sub-tasks, and start discussions.

You can also assign tasks to your team and monitor which ones are pending, in progress, or completed.


Creating a Task

If your admin has enabled tasks in an item, you can create one by going to the tasks tab and either typing a new task directly at the bottom of the existing task list or by clicking on the blue + button.

You can also create tasks directly in your profile, or your dashboard, both with the same blue + button.

Tasks Capabilities

Within a task you can do several things:

  • Add sub-tasks
  • Set a status
    • Note: the last status listed on your task is the equivalent of "closed" or "done"
  • Add one or more assignees
  • Set a due date
  • Change the location of a task (from an item to your profile, for example)
  • Set an estimate
  • Set a priority
  • Add another task as a blocker. This is useful to signify that until one task is not finished, you can't get started with the next one.
  • Add labels, to simplify search, filtering, and grouping.
  • Set a recurrence, using the "Repeat" feature.

Task Comments

You and your teammates with access to a task can add comments, where you can embed content, @metion people or items, and more.

To see all the available options, type a / and the commands will show.


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