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About Pages

Pages are a way to store and share knowledge within Items and Modules. Their content is easily searchable within Qatalog and can be shared externally with collaborators outside your organization.

Create a Page

You can create a Page in one of three ways:

  • From any Item or Module page click on the blue + button in the bottom right corner
  • Within an Item that has enabled Pages, go to the Pages tab at the top and click on the + button
  • From your Dashboard, click on the blue Create button on the top right

When writing on a Page, wait for the green tick on the upper right corner to make sure your information is saved before you exit.

Tip: Type a backslash (/) at any point for extra commands.

Sharing Pages Externally

Once a Page is created, it will be visible to all the admins, members, and viewers of that Item; but you can also share a Page without inviting someone to your Qatalog instance or giving them permission to view anything else related to that Item.

Simply click on the three dots next to the Page name and click on Share Externally.


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