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In order to give you more control in managing your organization’s approved toolstack, admins can prohibit users from engaging with an integration by disabling it for the entire organization.

To disable an integration for the organization, click on your icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and select “Settings” > “Integrations.” From there, click on the individual integration and choose “Disable integration for org”.


Admins also have the ability to pre-connect and configure integrations on Modules. Pre-configuring a tool for an entire Module can be helpful if you have a few mainstay channels for communicating or reporting work. For example, if you have a client Module, you can pre-connect your Salesforce so any Items can be connected to the client's Salesforce information.

To preconfigure an integration on a Module, go to Settings > Modules and select the desired Module. From there, click on “Integrations” (you may need to add this Capability if it’s not already live) and click “Add integration” in the “Preconfigure integrations” section. Next, you’ll need to connect your integration and then finish setting it up to specify what integration channel, project, space, or object you’d like all future Module Items to be connected to.


Please be mindful that visibility into this connected integration channel, project, space, or object will depend on that integration's privacy settings, so you may want to avoid connecting private integrations for the best user experience.

Members of the organization will be able to change and override your pre-configuration if desired.

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