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In order to give you more control in managing your organization’s approved toolstack, admins can select integrations to be enabled, disabled, or required for your entire organization.

To make any changes you can go to 'Settings' > 'Integrations Admin'

Enable an integration

To enable an integration for your entire organization, choose the integration you want and click the 'Enable' toggle.

Once an integration is enabled, the 'Full Search' is automatically toggled, which allows all users to use the search functionality on that integration; if you wish to disable search, click to toggle.

You can also make an integration required for all users in your organization, by clicking on the 'Required' checkbox. This will notify all users on their homepage that they need to connect that integration.

Disable an integration

From the same 'Integrations Admin' section, select the integration you wish to disable from the list and click on the 'Enable' toggle to disable it for your entire organization. This will prevent anyone from being able to connect their account on that app, to Qatalog.

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