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Setting up and customizing your Navigation will change it for your entire organization. Add links to Qatalog Modules, Items or external links where you and your teams do work.


You can customize your Qatalog Navigation to show the most important links for your work.

Go to Settings > Navigation > Edit, and you will be able to add, remove and reorder items.

Menu items can be Parent items or Child items.


Your Navigation items can be Qatalog Modules, Items, and Capabilities; external links, or Menu Placeholders.

All Navigation items will be parent items by default, if you want it to be a child item, simply select a parent for it on the drop-down menu.

You can customize your Navigation to better suit your organization and add as many or as few items as you choose.

Tip: Add a frequently used view to your Navigation (e.g. a view of projects with an at risk status) by setting up default filters in a Navigation item.

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