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With Triggers, you can set up automated actions that are executed on a specified event; for example, anytime a person joins a team, they will automatically be sent a welcome email and assigned an onboarding Workflow. As an admin, you can create triggers that will be added to every Item that is created in a Module.

To access a Module's triggers, go to Settings > Modules > Triggers to start setting them up.


Click on "Add a new Trigger" and you will need to give it a name and select what the Trigger action is from a drop-down list which includes:

  • Add a member
  • Remove a member
  • Create Item
  • Delete Item
  • Archive Item
  • Unarchive Item
  • Visibility change
  • Status change
  • Metric change

After choosing an action, you can then create reactionary steps. The options within Qatalog are the following:

  • Send email
  • Create Post
  • Assign Workflow
  • Create Task
  • Send HTTP request
  • Create a new Item in one of your existing Modules.


You will also be able to trigger reactions from your integrations like posting to a Slack channel or creating a Jira ticket.

Who can create Triggers?

  • General users can create Triggers, but only on an item level; i.e. only on items they are owners or admins of. 
  • Admins can create item level Triggers, as well as Module level Triggers as explained above; i.e. Triggers that are automatically added to every Item created in a Module.

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